ATDC at Georgia Tech


We are deeply inspired by four characteristcs that Einstein gave credit to for his successful theories:

Curiosity, Concentration, Perseverance, Self-criticism

B2B marketing


We started as a content analytics platform serving B2B marketers and noticed that most buyers were not engaging with text-based content. As we dug deeper and spoke with hundreds of users, it was apparent that the way our brains want to absorb information has changed. The best way to share information is short-form video. But marketers also told us that transforming videos into snackable bites is too manual, too costly, and too boring.

ATDC at Georgia Tech


We humbly consider ourselves the leaders of the 'Snackable Video' movement. Our main office is located in midtown Atlanta right next to Georgia Tech. It was a walk on campus that led to the birth of our AI engine.

AI automatic video editing


We're on a mission to understand video content. It's a non-trivial problem whose solution is applicable far beyond just B2B marketing videos. Our strong focus on continuous research - both customer research and technology - distinguishes us on our way to become the world leaders in video.


Piyush Saggi


Former Microsoft Exec. MS in CS. MBA in Marketing.

Nitesh Chhajwani


Serial entrepreneur and technologist.

Dr. Thomas Ploetz

Chief AI Officer

Associate Professor of AI at Georgia Tech. Expert in Attention Modeling.

Jacob Dent

Director of Operations

Coffee afficionado with a history and media bent.

Galdin Raphael

Senior Developer

Sergey Trubaev

Software Engineer

Parth Mehta, PhD

NLP Research Scientist

Key Investors and Advisors

Ben Tosado

SVP of Cloud, UDT

Bob Morrell

Founder of Riskonnect

Chandler Poweell

Powell Innovation Capital

Mark Stephens

Former CEO, Aon. MD, Milliman.

Per Wergren

CEO, Accelerator AB

Ryan Hollenbeck

SVP, Global Marketing, Verint

Flashpoint, Georgia Tech