On Your Website

Parmonic Teasers attract people because they are short but valuable. They give people the opportunity to hear your message for a few minutes and open themselves to your brand.

Use them as "appetizers" on landing and registration pages.

On Social Media

Video posts on social outperform all other types of content. Parmonic Teasers boost social media posts by allowing your audience to interact with you in those fleeting moments.

Pair them up with a CTA to drive these newly attracted leads to the next step in the journey.

In Your Emails

Parmonic Email Teasers attract people because they give them several entry points to a long video.

This lets you convert those who're in your email list and get them to act by registering or watching.

The Parmonic Way

video highlights

Upload your recording

Webinars, presentations, event recordings

Parmonic AI creates teasers

Parmonic creates teaser

Tweak it if you'd like.

Run your campaigns

Run your campaigns

Download teaser or embed our interactive widget.

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In case you're wondering

  • You can easily edit the teasers in our tool.

  • Embed the Parmonic Teasers on any webpage.

  • Download videos to post directly on social.

  • Teaser Widget makes it easy lock/unlock portions.

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