Key benefits of using Parmonic

The only tool of its kind, purpose-built for B2B marketers.


Automates what took days & multiple tools.

Finds key moments in your recordings
for you.
Transcribes webinars for you (AI or professional).
Creates campaign-ready assets in different formats out of the box.


Self service. Full control.

Makes video snackification easier than creating a PPT slide.
You are the boss & can tweak the outputs without video editing.
No more long wait times. No more tiring back & forth.

Increase ROI

Get 7x more value from your recordings.

Your recordings are valuable & expensive. Expand their life.
Give buyers something they can consume in the little time they have.
Radically increase buyer interest signals for pipeline impact.

At a fraction of the cost of alternatives.


Launch in minutes, not months.

Simple, browser-based tool.
Onboarding takes 30 mins.
Outputs work out of the box - no technical integration needed.



You can upload an MP4 or provide a link (e.g. On24 link), and our engine will fetch the recording for you.


99% accurate professionally-edited transcript (English).

Smart Trailer

A 2-minute trailer is generated for you. Post on social or embed in email& webpages.

Snackable Moments

5-10 snackable moments are generated for you and automatically packaged into a snackable storyline for webpages or email.

Visual Segmentation

Your recording is visually segmented based on scenes/slides to make it easier for you.

Semantic Segmentation

Your recording is automatically segmented into slices/chapters.

Transcript Editor

You can even edit the transcript if an acronym or name is misspelled.

Speaker Identification

Speakers are identified to make it easy for you to review or find quotes.


Press a button to automatically burn them on snackable videos. Download the subtitles for any purpose.


Recording has unsightly borders?
Parmonic can crop it for you at no additional charge.

Moment Titles

Each snackable moment has a title so you your audience can see what the moment is about (and you don't have to manually write it).

Foreign-language CC

1-click access to foreign-language subtitles in 12 languages (add-on required).

Foreign-language Webinars

Support for non-English webinars. Global audiences deserve snackable videos in their language.

Housekeeping Detector

AI automatically detects those first few minutes of housekeeping.

Q&A Detector

AI automatically detects Q&A.


All assets are downloadable as MP4 for use anywhere you'd like.

Conversion to Email HTML

All assets are automatically converted into email HTML that you can paste inside any email marketing tool.

Conversion to Sales Email

All assets are automatically converted into non-HTML email for insertion into sales emails (Outlook, Gmail, SalesLoft, Outreach).

Embed on Webpages

Snackable videos (including trailer) can be embedded on webapges using the Parmonic embed code or engager widget.


Place your logo or intro/outro bumpers. Choose your brand color for the play button.

Human Support

Onboarding & ongoing support from our stellar team in Atlanta.


Our featured benefits.

Upload an MP4 recording Flexible Vacation
4% 401k match
Quarterly offsites & working retreats
Weekly tech talks and demos
Healthy catered lunches + dinner
Monthly gym stipend
Weekly tech talks and demos
Commuter benefits
Commuter benefits
Flexible Vacation
Weekly tech talks and demos
Monthly gym stipend

People don't have time to watch.
You don't have time to edit videos.