Key benefits of using Parmonic


Automates what took days & multiple tools.

Finds key moments in your recordings
for you.

Transcribes webinars for you (AI or professional).

Creates campaign-ready assets in different formats out of the box.


Self service. Full control.

Makes munchable video creation easier than creating a PPT slide.

You are the boss & can tweak the outputs without video editing.

No more long wait times. No more tiring back & forth.

Increase ROI

Get 7x more value from your recordings at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Your recordings are valuable & expensive. Expand their life.

Give buyers something they can consume in the little time they have.

Radically increase buyer interest signals for pipeline impact.


Launch in minutes, not months.

Simple, browser-based tool.

Onboarding takes 30 mins.

Outputs work out of the box - no technical integration needed.

Key features

GIF for Pre-Event Email

Insert the GIF version of the Pre-Webinar Ad in your promotional emails to catch people's attention.

Video Ad for Pre-Event Social Promotions

Use the Pre-Webinar Ad to promote upcoming events on social media. Make your posts un-ignorable.

Trailer for Registration Page

Use the Trailer to promote on-demand recordings. Hollywood does it. Now you can too.

Promotional Videos for Social Media

Promote key moments on social media to get people's attention (and sign ups).

Snackable version of webinar for your webpages

Embed the munchable version of the webinar on your webpage to make your long recordings irresistible.

Snackable Follow-up Email

Paste the munchable version of the webinar in follow-up marketing emails. Let people watch the snacks they like in the little time they have.

Snackable moments for Social

Let your audience consume munchable moments from you directly on social media.

Snackable Emails for Sales Team

Give a munchable version of the email to your sales team so they can use it tool. Our engine will convert it into a format they can use.

Increase time spent on your website

Parmonic munchables are embeddable on your webpages. Let people spend time on your website instead of sending them somewhere else.

Boost SEO

Embed the transcript on your webpage to let Google treat you as the thought-leader.

Respectfully serve disabled visitors

With 1 click you can make your recordings accessible to those with disabilities, and comply with ADA.

Beautify your webpages

When you embed the munchable storyline, your webpage will look incredible (and no one will know how you magically did that).

If you have HTML access

Our engine will convert the munchables directly into HTML that you can paste inside an email template.

If you don't have HTML access

Our engine will generate images (and moving GIF) that you can paste inside any email.

Full control

Parmonic can stream the munchables for your audience or you can type in a destination (like a webpage) and the email assets will send people to that.

Track using existing tools

Easily track email CTR inside your email platform. Simpler is better.

Add an intro/CTA

You can brand the munchable assets with your intro or call-to-action bumper.

Automatic subtitles

With 1 button click, Parmonic prints the pristine subtitles directly on the exported videos.

Unlimited assets

Use the trailer or as many key moments to keep your calendar full.

Full duration control

While our engine will automatically generate the assets for you, you can make them shorter/longer.

Subtitles in 12 languages

Make your recordings consumable for your global audience. Record in English, serve in Spanish, French, etc.

Snackables for Non-English Recordings

Parmonic transcribes webinars/events recorded in foreign languages too so they can be snackfiied.

Download subtitled media

Download video files with subtitles in one of the twelve languages to share with global teams. All with a few clicks.

Create global webpages

When you embed the Parmonic munchables on your webpages, our player automatically show subtitles (just like Netflix).

If you don't have time & bandwidth, choose the Premium plan. The extra features mean you get campaign-ready outputs with almost no effort on your end. Backed by stellar support from Atlanta.

Hosting a webinar/virtual event is the beginning.

Give these recordings a life worth living.

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