3 Ways You Can Fight Back Against Webinar Fatigue

2020 has brought on a wave of popularity with every company dipping their toes into the webinar space, but some are feeling fatigued from the number of webinars that are happening. Read our tips on how you can fight back against webinar fatigue!

Britani Johnson
April 21, 2021

In 2020, every company is getting into webinars as they are a really great way to connect with your audience, let them learn something, and get new leads into your funnel. However, this year has been packed FULL of every kind of webinar you can imagine, and people are feeling very worn out from it. We here at Parmonic completely understand how people are feeling, and we’re here to help.

At Parmonic, we believe all video content should be on-demand. It greatly extends the life of your webinar, virtual event, training video, etc. Your content will live on forever and educate or entertain until the end of time, and because it will live on forever, that means you can re-purpose it!

Emails, blogs, registration pages and so much more you can do with your new munchables!

Re-purposing your webinars is a great way to help fight webinar fatigue simply because, it's the best pieces of the webinar in shortened versions. Webinar fatigue exists because there are too many long and overwhelming webinars. Our AI helps to find the best moments in your webinar and make them munchable for a short, sweet, and to the point session. These bite-sized moments can be watched anywhere at any time because they're on-demand and have been re-purposed in emails, social media posts, GIFs and so much more.

Like we said before, long and overwhelming webinars are the reason webinar fatigue exists in the first place! Why not make your content more appealing and inviting to your audience by making them easy to digest? That’s what our expert AI software does for you in less than 24 hours. Our software takes the best parts and turns them into short 3-7 minute videos that make it less intimidating for your audience to jump in and learn what you have to offer. This is what we call munchifying your content.

Another piece to the puzzle is making your content stand out amongst the rest. Every B2B company like yourself is hosting webinars and virtual events to try and get the same leads you’re going after. How can you make yourself standout? Make your webinar shorter, make it on-demand, and make it munchable! By munchifying your videos, you’re automatically making them shorter, easy to consume, and inviting your leads to come in and get a small dose of what you have to offer.


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