How to Post to Social Media Using Parmonic

In today's world, social media is crucial for getting eyes on your brand. Here at Parmonic, we want you to make the most of your video content, so here's how you can take your snackables and post them to social media.

Britani Johnson
October 1, 2020

Our tool allows for seamless use into social media to help you get the absolute most out of your video content and we wanted to share some information on how you can do so!

Make sure your video is uploaded and ready in our tool and then click on the "Social" tab.

Now, you're going to choose which snackables you want to post! Make sure you click the check mark by the snackables to choose them. You can choose one or more than one.

Now that you've chosen what moments you want to be in your social post, you can click the slider to add your intro or outro (if you added that when you uploaded your video), as well as add your subtitles directly into your video.

We highly suggest adding subtitles as most platforms these days auto-play your videos, so people can easily watch while scrolling.

Now, let the videos stitch themselves together, refresh the page and VOILA!
You have a video that you can upload to your social media that took you 5 minutes to put together. You can also post a link to your new video as well if you don't want to upload natively.

Here's how we used this webinar and we turned our snackables into a social media post!

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