Packing Your Marketing Message

We are all overworked, tired, and distracted. The pace of life is so fast, and only getting faster. No, we're not asking you to go to an ashram and take up meditation (though that is so valuable). If you're a marketer who wants to win, it's better to embrace this reality than fight against it. Hack this reality to work for you.

Britani Johnson
April 21, 2021

The reality is that we are all overworked, tired, and distracted. The pace of life is so fast and only getting faster. You’re a marketer who wants to win and we have a great hack for reality to help you speed past the others in the marketing race.

The struggle is real.


Your marketing messages should be packed for micro-interactions and micro-engagement. What do we mean by this?

Micro-interactions are when someone wants to interact with you just for a few seconds/minutes. Micro-engagement is when they want to consume your content just for a few seconds/minutes. Media these days is catered to short and sweet messages from video ads to TikTok, people want the message as fast as possible and there’s a very good reason they are popular.

People want information to get to them as fast as possible


How can you transform your content (and mindset) to this fast-paced lifestyle? We know a little bit about a munchable message, so we would love to guide you into this new marketing lifestyle.

We offer many ways for you to take your long content and make that munchable for your audience. They can literally grab a video and go and become nourished with information while doing it!

Your new munchables are as sweet as pie!


You can take these new, short and sweet munchables and insert them into email, blogs, landing pages, social media, web pages, and so much more. We enable you with the power to make your marketing messages packed for your micro-interactions and micro-engagement.

Parmonic puts the possibilities for your content straight into your hand and gives you the power to make that munchable. We have a great blog here about how you can really re-purpose your webinars too so they get to live another life outside of the one-time live webinar.

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