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It’s been a few months since the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, yet there has already been a significant impact on businesses, big and small alike. This is creating a shift in the revenue-generating channels that businesses have available to them, which is inciting a panic of its own.

Dylan Desigio
August 5, 2020

Where there is crisis, however, there is opportunity; and with much of the world in quarantine, many are stuck at home with nothing more than internet access and free time. Many people are bored or anxious, scrolling through their phone or laptop hoping to find a distraction. While business as we know it is dying, the time for marketing and sales may never be better.

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Now, before you run off to upload a webinar or product demonstration, thinking you’ve come up with a genius work-around, understand that you may not be alone. As more and more companies are unable to resort to in-person gatherings and traditional marketing and sales opportunities, they’ll be following you to the same place: the internet. Thus, the quest for views may never be more competitive.

Your company is going to have to set itself apart from the flood of new content in order to survive the next few months. What’s your company’s plan to do that?

The stark reality is that no one wants to watch a million new webinars or product demonstrations. Especially not those with hour-long run-times. People want to engage with short, bite-sized content that piques their interests. As a result, your content has never needed to be more engaging than it does right now.

Here at Parmonic, we suggest you “snackify” your content, so that you can grab your prospects’ attention with short, informative, and powerful clips that stand out against your competitors’ ninety-minute webinars.

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However, if you already have a lengthy webinar or sales presentation, there’s no need to recreate it. Simply upload it to our tool at where our A.I. recommends the five best “moments” to use in your social media and/ or email marketing campaigns.

It really is that easy.

Prepare for the flood of digital content. “Snackify” your videos to stand out from the masses. Make your videos the best they can be.

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