Using Video in Sales Enablement

In this interview with our CEO Piyush Saggi, Kevin Strange discusses how Verint is activating video for use within the sales team. We also learn how the global organization is using their own, in-house video studio to create much of this new content.

Piyush Saggi
October 1, 2020

View the video highlights below, courtesy of Parmonic.

Key Take Aways:

  • Sales training – All content is turned into video and served up to the employees.
  • Employee Understanding – Verint does an informal video of the account representative on the phone with the customer and review this to ensure that the training is being articulated. This helps with understanding what kind of additional training is needed.
  • Verint created their own video studio as a way to save on the budget. Once they saw that video was such an important part of the overall internal and external communications, creating a studio in-house made the most sense.
  • The sales team likes the use of video as part of their training and communications. Like all consumers these days, 30-60-90 second video highlights have become part of our content consuming culture.
  • Video editing was the biggest surprise for the Verint team.

The amount of time it takes to learn and use video editing software, we have found, can stop many businesses from creating video campaigns. As many statistics have proven, video is the top form of consuming information in our culture. As a business, you have to have a video communications plan to stay relevant, engaging, and to grow. We created our video platform to help with that.

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