Parmonic Symantec Webinar

Start with a webinar recording

We hosted a webinar with our client, Symantec, and recorded it using a popular webinar tool. Parmonic works with all webinar and video hosting companies.

Parmonic Snackified Email

Snackified for Email Marketing

Parmonic snackified the webinar and converted it to email format. The snackables can be embedded in any email template or tool. Here's our example.

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Snackable webinar for LinkedIn

Snackified for Social Media

Parmonic can also create closed captioning (machine or human-generated) and automatically place it on the video for higher engagement & accessibility.

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Symantec webinar landing page

Snackified and connected to a landing page

Parmonic can also automatically connect the snackables to a landing page or generate snackables embeddable on a landing page. Our magic embed code automatically displays the snackables in a beautiful layout. While we offer several layouts, this one has become the most popular.

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