Easy video editing software

Repurpose your company webinars

Parmonic can automatically convert your corporate webinars into short video content for email marketing.

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Video highlights

Nurture leads with something catchy

Give your audience a chance to engage with you with short video content.

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content activation

Stay on brand

Parmonic highlights are fully embeddable in your email templates for an on-brand experience.

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video marketing

For Marketing and SDRs

Place Parmonic highlights in marketing automation tools (Marketo, Pardot, etc.) or in sales automation tools (SalesLoft, Outreach, Outlook, Gmail).

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video highlights

Higher Engagement

Give people something they can quickly consume.

Easy Video Editing Software


Webinar recording to email content - automated.

Long video editing

Happier Audience

Trust us, they don't want to watch long videos.

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