On Your Website

Parmonic's unique engagement widget visually unpacks long videos to make them easier to consume.

Your time-and-attention starved audience can quickly consume relevant portions of your videos.

This approach of serving bite-size portions of long videos helps you nurture leads and opps in your funnel. Most of our clients see a 7-10x lift in number of people engaging with their videos.

In Your Emails

Instead of:

"Please click here to watch a 55-min recording."

Upgrade to:

"Here are 5 snackable moments from our recording."

On Social Media

Offer your audience bite-size videos enhanced with closed captioning and see your views go through the roof.

Since Parmonic uses your webinar or event recordings, you'll have a consistent supply of valuable, on-brand snackable videos to post with very little effort.

The Parmonic Way

upload recording

Upload your recording

Webinars, presentations, event recordings

Parmonic creates snackables using AI

Parmonic creates bite-size videos

Tweak 'em if you'd like.

choose your output formats

Choose your output

Parmonic Engagement Widget, email copy or MP4.

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In case you're wondering

  • You can easily edit the teasers in our tool.

  • Parmonic Engagement Widget works on any webpage.

  • Easily embed in your own emails.

  • Download MP4 version for social media.

  • Works with MA tools and most video hosting tools.

  • No change needed to your Lead Scoring system.

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