You can do more webinars.

Or you can do more with webinars.

Examples of how inspirational marketers are using Parmonic.

Create 2-min trailers of long recordings.

Increase engagement on LinkedIn like Verint

Upload a webinar or event recording, and our AI automatically creates a trailer for you. Trailers are optimized to be just right in length - about two minutes. You can easily light up your social presence now.

Use trailers on registration pages

Compel more visitors to sign up on registration pages like Spireon

Trailers are great at attracting people's attention when they land on your registration pages. Most people won't read too much text but if they see a video trailer they know that you're a pro and invest energy in hosting worthwhile events.

The new 'Sorry we missed you' email

Creates munchable email for you.

Send them click-worthy emails like PTC-OnShape

If they didn't have time to show up at the live event, will they have time to sit and watch an on-demand recording?
What if the follow-up email gave them the key munchable moments in their Inbox? That's what Parmonic enables.

The on-demand page that drives demand

Displays munchable moments on your webpages.

Increase consumption on on-demand pages like Arena Solutions

Our web widget automatically unpacks a long recording into a beautiful, munchable layout consisting of several bite-size videos. Now your viewers can quickly pick what seems most interesting and watch those pieces in the short time they have.

Sales emails that reps want to send

Creates email for sales teams too.

Make your sellers look good without extra work like Symantec

Imagine having an assistant create a curated newsletter from a webinar recording. That's what Parmonic does for you. When you provide this template to your sellers, they look good in front of leads and customers, and are much more likely to respond and enagage.

Munchable training videos

Converts training videos into digestible segments.

Chop your training videos like LocumTenens (Jackson Healthcare)

Most training videos are recorded as long-form recordings because it's easier for experts to deliver content that way. Parmonic automatically converts these recordings into munchable bites so that you can easily drop them in your LMS and let your employees watch these without going into a training coma.

Munchable How-To Videos

Converts Q&A recordings for Help pages

Break up your product videos to offer them as how-to videos like LocumTenens

Product teams often record product training sessions that contain answers to questions that customers (or even sales team) have. Parmonic converts these recordings into 'How to' videos so people can get quick answers to their questions.

Virtual Events that last months, not days.

Converts recordings for 10x more impact.

Two quarters, not two days: Boost your Virtual Events  like Verint

Virtual events gift you many hours of recordings. Parmonic helps you get 10 times more from your investment in expensive Virtual Events platforms by converting these recordings into assets you can milk for two quarters and truly impact your funnel.

Liberate On24 recordings

Converts On24 recordings into high-value assets.

Repurpose On24 recordings like UL

Tools like On24 are great for hosting a session. Parmonic makes it possible for you to go one step further and converts these recordings into multiple munchable assets that you can distribute across various channels and in different formats beyond just the hour-long recording link.

Hosting a webinar/virtual event is the beginning.

Give these recordings a life worth living.

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