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  • New tactics to drive registrations for upcoming events
  • How to use Parmonic for upcoming events
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Why it matters

Events (webinars, virtual events, in-person events) are one of the most important tactics in B2B marketing. They become a reason to bring people together and create content that can then power a multitude of marketing activities.

There are a lot of events taking place. You are competing for attention in a world where almost every company is doing events in some form or manner. Doing the same things doesn't work. Not doing new things poses the risk of losing ground.

What's known

Typical event promotion starts with a registration page with an event description and a registration form. The preferred choice for seasoned marketers is to use a form created in their MA system. Marketers who are unable to do that use registration forms from their event hosting platforms. Email, organic social media posts and paid ads are then used to advertise the event and bring people to the registration page. The final step is conversion (registration).

Parmonic Insight and Solution

Convert event descriptions to video

To stand out you must do something different, something that catches attention. An effective way to catch attention is to convert an event's description and key takeaways into an attractive, branded video.

This can be done before the event has been hosted. You don't need any footage for this synthetic video. Once you have the video you can use different avatars of it across different channels.

This technique can be used for in-person events or virtual events and webinars. For in-person events, you can create these pre-event videos for keynotes and important sessions.

The video can be used on social media channels and ads to drive visitors to the registration page. The video can also be used in promotional emails. We suggest inserting a GIF version of the video in emails instead of embedding an actual video file.

For marketers who need to enlist their sales teams and colleagues for event promotion, this tactic also helps in catching attention of internal audiences.

We also suggest you embed the video on your registration page so that once people arrive on your registration page from email or social media or ads, they see the same content. This will drive higher action due to familiarity. People won't have to think about whether the event is the same as the ad they saw, and will be more likely to convert.

What you will need

Access to Parmonic and your webinar registration page, ability to paste an embed code on your registration page. Ability to share content via email and social media or ads.

How to do it

  • Ask Parmonic to set up a Pre-event Video template based on your brand guidelines.
  • Add your event description.
  • Copy the embed code on your webinar registration page next to your MA form.
  • Export a GIF version of the video for use in email
  • Export an MP4 version for use on social media and ad.

You can export different sizes for different social media uses.


We are big believers in automation. Set up your template with Parmonic's help one time and reuse it again and again to create pre-event videos in minutes.

Implore your audience to register and book a spot in return for a great, live event and a munchable recap in case they can't attend.

People value quality. If they know you are putting effort into the event they are more likely to register.

Connect Parmonic to your MA system to start measuring the buyers' journey of new visitors.

Example of a  registration page for an upcoming event

While some marketers use registration pages provided by webinar hosts, we highly recommend that you use a form from your MA system if you want to get serious about knowing and influencing the buyer's journey.


Stand out and catch people's attention while promoting events.Bring more targeted traffic to your registration page.Convert more visitors to your registration page.

Get more support from your colleagues and sales teams in promoting events by giving them content they will proudly share.

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