Product Overview

The core of Parmonic is our AI engine that automatically finds key, interesting moments in a video. It's like having an assistant watch your videos and highlight key points for you.

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The world's first AI-based munchable video creation tool built for B2B marketers.

Promotional Ad

To help you promote an upcoming webinar, Parmonic's AI creates a video ad using the description of the upcoming webinar.

Your promotional ad is 100% on-brand. It uses your brand colors, fonts and guidelines. Teach the engine once and then it's as easy as uploading PowerPoint slides.


The first step in converting a webinar recording into munchables is to upload the video file to Parmonic. You can upload recordings that have slides, people on-camera, software demos or
a mix.

Our magic connector lets you pull recordings from any webinar or video host.


Some webinar recordings need a little polish before they can shine as munchable content. Our engine automatically takes care of that.

Optionally, a background reflecting your brand is added to give it a premium look.
Up to 90% of filler words (umms and aahs) are also removed.


Next, our engine automatically unpacks the video to create a munchable script for you. This script consists of visual scenes from the video and a transcript of the entire recording.

Choose from automated transcript
(~80% accurate, available within minutes) or a professionally-edited transcript (99% accurate, available within 24 hours).


Next, our AI analyzes the content inside the video, and recommends key moments to you. It shows you the recommended moments by highlighting portions of the script.

Our patent-pending AI works exceptionally well for information-heavy videos.


What if the AI didn't recommend a moment that you wished it did? Or, you wanted to tweak one of the recommendations from our AI?
Worry not. We give you super-powers. You can also highlight sentences in the script yourself. This way you have full control over the output.

The transcript highlighter is almost like highlighting sentences in a Word doc, but better.


Next, Parmonic takes the moments and builds multiple video assets that can be exported in different formats.

Our engine automatically determines the format and duration based on your marketing goals.


Parmonic allows you to export munchables for omni-channel marketing.

  1. For social media - download as video (MP4) assets.
  2. For webpages - get an embed code that automatically displays a visual, munchable storyline of the webinar.
  3. For email - download as image, gif or an email-compatible HTML code.

You can also augment the munchables with your logo, bumpers and subtitles in multiple languages before exporting.

Use Cases

Four ways to use outputs.

Trailer on Registration Page

Place a teaser of your recording on your registration pages to compel more visitors to sign up and convert. Get more value from your demand-gen efforts and dollars by increasing the conversion rate. On24 research indicates that marketers see a 17% increase in registration by placing these video teasers on registration pages.

Post Trailer on Social Media

Upload a webinar or event recording, and our AI automatically creates a trailer for you. Trailers are optimized to be just right in length - about two minutes. Marketers use the trailer to promote on-demand recordings on social, email, ads and their registration pages.

Embed munchable webinar on
on-demand page

The Parmonic Engager widget for on-demand pages unpacks a long video into munchable portions in a beautiful layout. Simply paste the widget on your on-demand page to offer your viewers a visually-compelling, munchable version of the webinar.

Visual follow-up email for
marketing & sales

Reimagine your 'Sorry, we missed you email'. Our engine automatically creates a beautiful looking email body for you that you can paste in your email tool (Marketo, Pardot, etc.). Your audience now has more reasons to click on your emails, & directly watch what interests them.

What Parmonic offers

Automatic Machine or
Professional Transcription

Machine Generated

We use a combination of the top three automatic speech-to-text services (Microsoft Azure, Google Speech and Amazon AWS) in our product. These are usually 80% accurate.

Professionally Edited

For many information-heavy videos, you need a pristine transcript. Press one button and get professionally-edited transcripts right inside the product.

Highlights key moments in the transcript

Automatic subtitles for
Global Brands

Available languages


Chinese (Mandarin)


Automatically removes 90%
filler words

Audio enhancement

Removes 90% of the 'umms' and 'aahs' from the webinar audio to enhance the quality of the webinar.

Full brand control

Maintain brand image

Your logo, intro/outro, colors, can all be maintained throughout the multiple assets exported.

Roll out in 30 mins

Works out of the box

No complex integrations. No IT approvals needed.

Seamlessly works across multiple platforms

Web platforms

Our widgets work on any webpage. From Wordpress to Custom websites or landing pages in Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, etc..

Marketing Automation

Our email output can be pasted in any email system.

Social Media

Download native video assets for use on social media or internal portals.

Sales Emails

Parmonic snackable email body can be used by sales reps and BDRs in Outlook, Gmail, Outreach, SalesLoft, etc.

Works with all webinar hosting tools

Compatible with multiple hosting tools

On24, GoTo, Zoom, WebEx & more.

Backed by humans.

Unlimited support whenever you need help.

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