Easy video editing software

Upload a video

Parmonic is made for B2B videos. You can upload webinar recordings, recordings from events or any other informational video.

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Video highlights

Parmonic finds the video highlights

Parmonic analyzes the video and its content - speakers, slides, audio, demo screens, etc. to semantically understand the video and find highlights.

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content activation

You have full control

You might love the highlights generated for you or you might want to make a few tweaks. We give you full control. We've made video editing easier than editing a PowerPoint slide.

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video marketing

Embed or download

You can embed the video highlights almost anywhere and let us store and stream them for you. Or you can download them if you want to serve them using another streaming service.

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Email marketing with videos

Highlights for Emails

The most popular use case is highlights you can send in communication and marketing emails. Parmonic is universally compatible with all MAS tools (Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua) and Sales Email tools (Outreach, SalesLoft, Outlook, Gmail).

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video marketing campaigns

Highlights for Landing Pages

Most of our clients also create landing pages for their marketing and video campaigns using their existing tools, and embed Parmonic highlights in them. Creating a blog post with highlights generated from Parmonic is a quick and easy way to share video content.

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social media marketing

Highlights for Social

Short-form video is the number one content type on social media. We solve your problem of creating content for your social media marketing goals with video highlights that are on-brand and quick. Post highlights on social media and your followers will love you for being respectful of their time.

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