Easy video editing software

Step 1: Finds key segments for you

Our engine breaks a video down into smaller segments based on the contents.

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Video highlights

Step 2: Take it or tweak it

You can take the recommended segments as-is or tweak them.

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content activation

Step 3: Create your own segment

Want to select a quote or enticing line? Our transcript-highlighter lets you do that.

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video marketing

Step 4: Output

Based on your use case, Parmonic generates different outputs from native video to embeddable HTML.

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video highlights

Higher engagement

Shorter, dapper videos for your audience.

Easy Video Editing Software

Hassle free

Shorter videos from your longer videos.

Long video editing

Super quick

No more long waits with expensive agencies.

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In case you're wondering

  • AI does most of the work.

  • Human quality check included.

  • You have full control via our software.

  • Flexible pricing based on what you need.

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