Input = Your long video
Output = Short moments worth watching

Realize your hidden potential - no makeup needed

Product Overview

Upload existing video

Have a webinar recording? An event video? Parmonic can process any video type and we accept all major formats.

World-leading AI

Parmonic's patent-pending AI engine analyzes the video and identifies the most compelling moments. We're pushing the boundaries of Cognitive Computing with advanced Natural Language Processing, AI and Machine Learning algorithms that transform long-form content into a form that people can quickly consume.

Publishing Engine

The Publishing Engine makes it possible for you to make your new, snackable video content available to your audience via channels you own (website, blog, email, social) within minutes. No video creation or editing experience required.


Since we've built our product specifically for B2B companies, it fits in your workflow by integrating with all the tools that matter - whether it's your website stack or your MAS tool.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Clarke's First Law

Common Questions

Can I keep using my existing webinar hosting tool or do I have to switch?

Yes, Parmonic transforms long webinar recordings into content that converts. Parmonic is not a webinar hosting tool.

Do you integrate with home-grown CMS or non-standard MAS tools?

Most likely we do. Our standards-based technology works with almost any CMS and MAS tool.

Does your product include analytics?

Yes, it does.

Will you host and stream the videos or do I need to worry about that?

Parmonic hosts and streams your videos using a global CDN. Our goal is to let you focus on promoting your videos and not worry about any technical details at all.

Will my audience be sent to your website?

No, Parmonic fits into your website and blog. Your audience never leaves your properties. This allows you to build your brand and keep full control over it.

Does your technology work for business or consumer videos?

We focus exclusively on B2B videos. Sorry, we don't parse cute-cat videos.

More questions?

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