Easy video editing software

Repurpose your company webinars/events

Parmonic can automatically convert your corporate webinars/events into short video content for social.

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Video highlights

Use it as a trailer

Social media loves short videos. Now you can press a button to do it. Netflix does it. Now you can too.

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content activation

Use it for video quotes

Parmonic highlights are a great way to publish short snippets of quotes from webinar recordings.

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video marketing

Great content without watching more video

Parmonic identifies valuable segments for you. It can create final reels or do most of it and let you tweak the final result.

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video highlights

It's instant

Instant content in the age of Instagram.

Easy Video Editing Software

It's video

Video performs better on social. Now you can do it.

Long video editing

It's not mind-numbing

You won't have to watch those videos to get content.

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