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Amazon gift card

You get a $50 Amazon gift card for intro that leads to a demo. Get $200 more if they buy.


1 Premium credit

Worth $499

Your friend will get 1 complimentary Premium credit added to their subscription.


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Hey Friend,

I want to tell you about Parmonic - a munchable video automation tool that allows marketers to create video content automatically.

You can learn more at and book a demo to explore a fit.

Important: Please CC (ref at on the email.

Terms & Conditions
Parmonic reserves the right to reject any referrals. If a referred company is already a customer of Parmonic, that referral will not earn any rewards unless the referred team at that customer purchases a new subscription. Parmonic reserves the right to pause or discontinue this program without advance notice. If you are unsure about whether your referral will qualify for the reward, we welcome you to email us at ref at to proactively check before you tell your friend about Parmonic. We will take all reasonable measures to reward you for your help in sharing Parmonic with your network. Our goal is not to create unnecessary strings. However, we will be monitoring these referrals to prevent fraud and abuse.

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