Easy video editing software

Upload a training video

Parmonic is made for B2B videos. You can upload webinar recordings, recordings from events or any other informational video. Slides, demos are welcome.

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Video highlights

Parmonic finds the video highlights

Parmonic analyzes the video and its content - speakers, slides, audio, demo screens, etc. to semantically understand the video and find highlights.

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content activation

Magical Highlighter

You also get access to the full transcript so can select any portions of it just like highlighting lines in a Word document. Press a button and highlight video is created.

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video marketing

Upload to any LMS

You can upload the video highlights in any LMS or video host. Parmonic allows you to download the MP4 version of the highlights so you have full freedom.

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video highlights

No waiting

Automate highlight creation so you don't have to wait on others.

Easy Video Editing Software

Save $$$

You'll save hard dollars and see an immediate ROI.

Long video editing

Happier Audience

Trust us, they don't want to watch long videos.

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Works with any LMS