Automatic Trailer

Parmonic's AI can create a 2-min trailer for your webinar or event recording.

Finds interesting moments & creates a short trailer.

Use it across different channels

Social Media

Drive more engagement and CTR with a trailer of your on-demand recordings.


Capture more visitors' attention with a trailer next to Registration forms or in your content library.


Drive higher email CTR with a trailer that gives recipients a peek and helps you stand apart.

Easily tweak using the transcript

Parmonic highlighter

Automatic Machine or Professional Transcription

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Parmonic uses the best speech to text

Machine Generated

We use a combination of the top three automatic speech-to-text services (Microsoft Azure, Google Speech and Amazon AWS) in our product. These are usually 80% accurate.

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Edited transcripts

Professionally Edited

For many information-heavy videos, you need a pristine transcript. Press one button and get professionally-edited transcripts right inside the product.

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How long is the trailer?

About two minutes. Our engine takes into account when a sentence ends so the exact duration may be a few seconds longer or shorter.

Can I edit it or create my own?

Absolutely. Just highlight the sentences you want to include in our tool and it will update the trailer for you.

Do you provide subtitles (closed captioning)?

Yes, you can get that with one click in the tool and subtitles will automatically be burned on the video file. Subtitles are available in English and 10+ foreign languages.

What branding options are provided?

Our tool can automatically place your logo on the trailer.
Additionally, you can add your own custom intro or outro as well.

Can I download it?

Yes, you can download an MP4 version, or use our embed code to embed on your webpages, intranet, tools like Uberflip/Pathfactory and email.

Webinars are long. Life is short.

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