sales enablement use case

Elevate Sales Enablement

Elevate your relationship with your sales team by giving them more impactful video content in formats they are more likely to use.

Turn valuable to usable

Turn valuable but long videos your company is producing - webinars, training sessions, product demos, competitive sessions - into more watchable, short videos that are usable by sales teams.

Deliver quickly

and save hours for important tasks.

Deliver consistently

to develop stronger relationships with sales.

Deliver for email

Email is the most important channel for sales teams. Parmonic reduces the time spent on preparing videos for use in sales emails.

Works with Email Tools

Copy/Paste into Outlook or Gmail templates.

Integrates with Sales Engagement

and deliver right where your sellers are.

Deliver seamlessly in Sales Enablement tools

If your sales team uses a Sales Enablement tool, Parmonic makes it a breeze to deliver videos right inside those tools.

Integrations & Universal Compatibility

helps you save money.

Built-in Easy Sharing

makes it easy to publish multiple videos.

Drive social sharing

Activate social sharing by creating and publishing content built specifically for social-media.

1-click sharing option

makes it frictionless for sales teams.

Branding & sizes

created for social media increase usage.

Win the sales team.
Win the battle.

Use video automation to get the love you deserve from your sales team.

Content Utilization
Increase in social sharing

You can do more webinars.
With Parmonic you can do more with webinars.

Loved by inspirational marketers at F1000 & Midsize companies in

Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal and Manufacturing.

"What took weeks can now be done over a short lunch break. Parmonic is a real game-changer here."

"This is black magic. We can now do with video what we never could."

"Parmonic empowers ordinary marketers and makes them extraordinary."

How it Works

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long recordings to get short videos using automation.



to your sales team using Parmonic or our integrations.



usable, valuable, short videos internally.

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Up your (short) video marketing game

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