glam use case

Automate glamorization of "meh" videos

Many B2B videos & webinars need TLC before they are ready for your audience.

Visual augmentation

Turn raw recordings consisting of talking heads, slides, empty space into powerful, branded, TV-quality videos. Parmonic extracts components from the raw video and creates a new video with those ingredients.


Press one button to see the magic.


Adaptive approach handles different video types.

Audio augmentation

Makes your videos sound better which in turn impacts how your audience reacts to your content and perceives its quality.

Filler words be gone.

Press one button to suppress filler words.

Clearer sound*

Auto normalize & amplify speaker voices. (beta)

Add music

To your short videos for social media marketing, and upgrade their marketability.

Original tunes

Commissioned by us for copyright compliance.


To add music to a video clip before exporting.

Stay on brand

Parmonic helps you stay compliant with brand guidelines. High degree of customization ensures we can program your brand team's guidelines

Highly customizable

Options available for visual augmentation and webpages.

Rinse & repeat

To create assets faster without recreating the wheel

Your content is valuable.
We can make it glamorous.

Your speakers may not be Hollywood actors.
But Parmonic can help your videos look better.

Faster than alternatives
Decrease in costs

Note: Parmonic is not a replacement for highly creative work and specialized video effects.
Book a demo to learn if it's a fit for you.

You can do more webinars.
With Parmonic you can do more with webinars.

Loved by inspirational marketers at F1000 & Midsize companies in

Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal and Manufacturing.

"What took weeks can now be done over a short lunch break. Parmonic is a real game-changer here."

"This is black magic. We can now do with video what we never could."

"Parmonic empowers ordinary marketers and makes them extraordinary."

How it Works

Book a demo to learn how it will work for you.



Upload a video file or pull one using our integrations.


1-Click Glam

To apply approved brand guidelines to our glam algorithm.



Use it, export, download it.

CTA-loving marketer, it's time to book a demo.

Up your (short) video marketing game

Once a month. Not salesy.