training use case

Turn long training videos to digestible shorts

Use AI to turn long training videos into short digestible videos and chapters quickly and easily.

Turn videos to moments

Use AI to quickly find key moments from long training videos. Use the key moments as anchor content.

Reduce workload

On mundane video editing tasks.

Increase speed

To keep up with your team's pace.

Turn videos to chapters

Make long videos consumable by slicing them into topic-based chapters using AI and our Magic Highlighter.

Transcript Highlighter

Reduces effort by 95%

AI Recommendations

Make it easier.

Export or embed anywhere

Easily export chapter videos or moment videos for use in Learning Management Systems, internal portals or other tools you are already using to offer training content. Add subtitles and intro cards with one click.

Download video files

To drop them in any system.

Embed anywhere

While using Parmonic's world-class hosting.

Use automation to create more consumable
training videos.

Win your audience while reducing your manual effort.

Mundane tasks
Speed Up
Content delivery

You can do more webinars.
With Parmonic you can do more with webinars.

Loved by inspirational marketers at F1000 & Midsize companies in

Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal and Manufacturing.

"What took weeks can now be done over a short lunch break. Parmonic is a real game-changer here."

"This is black magic. We can now do with video what we never could."

"Parmonic empowers ordinary marketers and makes them extraordinary."

How it Works

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Upload a video file or pull one using our integrations.



Moments, Chapters or Trailer.



Export as videos, embeds or webpage.

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