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Uplevel Customer Marketing

Engage and wow existing customers with short videos.

Automate short videos

Turn all the long videos that your company is producing - webinars, events, exec talks - into more watchable, short videos using automation.

Double your productivity

and spend time on customer-facing tasks.

Deliver results faster

by engaging more customers.

Create better experiences

If you lose customers' attention, your company will lose renewals. Keep customers engaged by offering modern experiences that help you deliver your message in a crowded market.


the message into more human-friendly formats.

Make it interactive

and deliver more personalized content.

Measure without annoying customers

It's important to show the impact you are having on known customers, but erecting friction points like unnecessary gates (forms) alienates customers.

Parmonic's smart integrations help you measure the impact of videos without annoying customers.


With popular MAPs and more.


Your data stays in your MAP.


Tap into your customers' networks by giving them compelling content in friendly formats to share internally and externally.

"Here are the highlights" works a lot better than "Register for this long recording".

Drive email sharing

by offering visual emails and short videos.

Drive social sharing

by posting short, insightful videos.

Upgrade customer outreach to stay relevant.

Use video automation to show respect towards your customers' time.
Get rewarded with their attention and loyalty.

Increase in views
Decrease in CPL

You can do more webinars.
With Parmonic you can do more with webinars.

Loved by inspirational marketers at F1000 & Midsize companies in

Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal and Manufacturing.

"What took weeks can now be done over a short lunch break. Parmonic is a real game-changer here."

"This is black magic. We can now do with video what we never could."

"Parmonic empowers ordinary marketers and makes them extraordinary."

How it Works

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Long recordings into short videos using automation.



Across your website and social media.


Smartly Measure

Measure impact without imposing unnecessary form-fills.

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Up your (short) video marketing game

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