3 Common Webinar Mistakes to Avoid

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August 4, 2021

Guest Blog Post By
Scott Sundy | Director, Webinars at SAPinsider

With more companies using webinars to fuel sales pipelines and drive demand generation, it’s critical for marketers to understand both best practices as well as common pitfalls. How can you ensure that your webinar cuts through the virtual event ‘noise’ and meets business objectives? Let’s take a look at some typical errors that are easy to overlook but can become huge blockers to success.

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         The best webinars solve problems and meet audiences at their point in the buyer journey. Using a persona-based approach is particularly useful for uncovering customers’ unique challenges and pain points. What is keeping them up at night? How can you build the presentation content to provide useful takeaways, while also spotlighting your product?

         Different types of webinars work better for varying levels of ‘buyer maturity’ – for example, more broad thought-leadership topics typically are more appealing for TOFU (top of funnel) customers who are still in the early stages of awareness/consideration. Deep-dive product demos, on the other hand, are a more effective vehicle for customers who are further along in the journey and looking to evaluate product features and benefits.

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          Are your customers able to access your webinar registration page in 1 click? Over the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a nearly 300% increase in the volume of webinars across all industries – which also means your customers are being invited to 3x as many webinars.¹ In our age of packed calendars and busy schedules, it’s even more important to make the registration process as simple as possible. How many times have you bailed out on a webinar signup after clicking through a maze of landing pages?

         Ideally your audience should be able to click on a link (email, social, etc) and go directly to the registration page. If they’re already in your database or CRM platform, using auto form-fill to pre-populate the form (Welcome back, Stacey) has been shown to further increase registration conversions.

        And since modern digital consumers have come to expect personalized, Netflix-style content experiences, always include additional/related webinars wherever possible. Using filters i.e. (most popular, recommended for you, related to) is another way to help audiences quickly sort and access specific content they are seeking. This can be particularly useful if you have a large volume of webinar

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         How much content do you watch live vs. on-demand? If you’re like most people, your busy schedule probably results in very limited time to check out webinars, or even your favorite shows. As we’ve become an ‘on-demand world,’ it’s more important than ever to have a well-formulated strategy to maximize your webinar recording. In 2020, 38% of webinar viewers watched on-demand recordings only² and this number is expected to continue growing in coming years. So not planning ahead for on-demand can result in missing out on nearly half your target audience.

     To really take your on-demand strategy to the next level, consider editing your recording into shorter snippets and highlights to facilitate easier sharing and consumption. Since it’s been proven that humans now have an average attention span of 8 seconds,

Marketers need to consider this particularly in terms of digital content marketing.³

    According to a recent report, 68% of video viewers will watch a business-related video all the way to the end if it’s shorter than 60 seconds, but only 25% will finish watching if it’s more than 20 min long.⁴

     The key takeaway for marketers is understanding that shorter form webinar video content is crucial for top-funnel awareness and easy sharing, but it’s also important to have some longer edits available as well which align more with mid-lower funnel prospects

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