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Our History

Parmonic was born when our co-founders left their corporate jobs to spend a winter at the Flashpoint Incubator at Georgia Tech. We noticed that while video is the "language of thought", creating and editing it is extremely complicated and out of reach for most knowledge workers who don't have a PhD in Adobe tools.

Inspired by Charles Babbage's "I wish to God these calculations had been executed by steam", we set out to build an engine that would use AI instead of steam.


Year that our cofounder hosted his first webinar with a technology called Microsoft Live Meeting.


Year that our cofounder hosted his first virtual conference. During his tenure at Microsoft, our cofounder hosted Microsoft’s first-ever virtual conference and received company-wide recognition.


Birth of our AI. A long walk under the autumn sun with Dr. Thomas Ploetz was the beginning of our AI journey. (Water-color image of our office building on 5th St).


Parmonic is used by hundreds of brands including F1000 companies, Global 500, and fast-growing startups.
We have received several patents (granted and pending) that allow us to serve customers as a realiable partner.

Executive Team

Piyush Saggi



Nitesh Chhajwani


Dr. Thomas Ploetz

Chief AI Officer

Key Investors

Oval Park Capital

Mark Stephens

Former MD, Aon. Founder of Milliman

Bob Morrell

Founder, Riskonnect

Cuesta Ventures

Johnson Venture Fund

Flashpoint Fund

Flashpoint at Georgia Tech

Chandler Powell

Powell Innovation Capital

Matt Chanoff

Cofounder, Flashpoint

Ben Tosado

Founder, Conquest

Per Werngren

CEO, Accelerator AB

Our Goals

Help humans create more authentic content using AI.

Empower communicators with a video platform built for non-video pros.

Imagine and build authentic innovations.

Deliver unmatched customer happiness.

Treat employees, partners, vendors with compassion.

Trusted by leading brands

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