"Oh god, why do I have to watch this whole thing?"

That exasperation was the beginning of our story.

While sitting in our small, windowless office next to the Georgia Tech campus in midtown Atlanta, we were doing what so many people do everyday – looking for some information that was locked inside a long video.

What was different that day was that in the back of our minds we had swirling thoughts about something that customers of our original product (a content analytics tool) had been confiding in us about – audiences were not consuming long-form content and preferred video over all other formats.

Parmonic was born (on a whiteboard)
that summer day.

But we soon realized that the solution had to be a quantum leap above other frustrating, expensive, time-consuming solutions available in the market.

So we embarked on a journey to imagine and build the world’s most user friendly, highly automated, almost magical Munchable Video creation technology for B2B marketers.

Today we serve marketers at Fortune 500 as well as small companies, spread across 4 continents.

Munchie (our AI) has become unrivaled in its knowledge, smartness, humility and customer focus.

Executive Team

Piyush Saggi


Past: Microsoft (Enterprise Sales)

Nitesh Chhajwani


Past: Founder, CloseRealty (acq.)

Dr. Thomas Ploetz

Chief AI Officer

PhD, University of Bielefeld (Germany)

Key Investors & Advisors

Mark Stephens

Former MD, Aon. Founder of Milliman

Matt Chanoff

Cofounder, Flashpoint

Ben Tosado


Ryan Hollenbeck

SVP, Global Marketing, Verint

Bob Morrell

Founder, Riskonnect

Per Werngren

CEO, Accelerator AB

Chandler Powell

Powell Innovation Capital

Flashpoint Fund

Flashpoint at Georgia Tech

Fun facts about Parmonic

Year that our cofounder hosted his first-ever webinar

Technology used: Microsoft Live Meeting

Year that our cofounder hosted his first-ever virtual conference

During his tenure at Microsoft, our cofounder hosted Microsoft’s first-ever virtual conference.

Birth of our AI

A long walk under the autumn sun with Dr. Thomas Ploetz was the beginning of our AI journey.

The world is going gaga over munchable videos. Parmonic users are now in five continents.

North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and now Africa too.

Come join us in this journey of making video content more munchable.

As a customer, partner, employee or friend.

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