AI-powered Video Momentizer for B2B Marketers

In a world full of distractions, now you can get your voice heard.

(Short) Video gets attention

You only have a few minutes before people tune you out. Make the most of these moments.

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But it's hard to produce

Creating short-form video is hard and expensive while staying true to your brand.

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Parmonic is for you

Our tool helps you repurpose video recordings to become a Moment Marketer. It parses and converts long videos to short moments your audience will consume.

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More Leads

People are much more likely to become a lead if they're interested in your content. Parmonic gets your content consumed and leads poring in.

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More Engagement

Parmonic will drive your engagement through the roof by helping you get mindshare with new and existing customers in short moments. Our engagement scoring will help you focus on leads that matter.

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Happier CEO and Sales teams

Your CEO and sales teams have been begging for short video content that buyers will actually consume. Now it's your time to shine.

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YOU can become a Video Marketing Guru.
No camera or makeup needed.

How it works

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