Webinars are long.
We make them snackable.

Parmonic's AI converts webinar recordings into multiple snackable assets for B2B marketers.

Webinars are valuable.

But people don't have time.

Webinars are great.

But hard to repurpose.

Highlighting key points is
very taxing.
Transcribing webinars is
mind numbing.
Getting recordings edited
takes lots of waiting.

Finally, there's a solution.

Parmonic is an AI-based
webinar snackification tool.

to 10x your webinars.

AI finds key moments for you.

Creates multiple assets.

Web Widgets
Email body

Now snackifying webinars is easier
than creating a PowerPoint slide.

Parmonic empowers YOU

with the power to snackify video.

Webinars are long but

(your name here) made them snackable.

Loved by resourceful marketers

at F500 & Midsize companies.

Webinars are long. Life is short.

Act now. Book a demo to learn more.

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