Turn your videos into
great content

Your webinars, interviews, events, demos have invaluable content.
But this world is noisy and your audience is busy.
Use AI to turn your videos into consumable content in minutes.

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Engaging buyers in the distracted era requires a new approach.
Problems we help solve:
Audience ignores long videos.
Your content is high value but gets low traction.
Constant race to create new content requiring lot of effort.
when videos are long

Slice, dice & storify

Parmonic finds key moments and converts long recordings into easier-to-consume video stories. Let people watch the parts that matter to them.

AI finds the best topics and moments
Easily adjust without video editing
Publish and integrate with your stack

(Legally) hack attention spans. Increase views.

When you need short videos

Create shorts from longs

Auto-extract gems from long videos and turn them into shorts for social media.

AI auto-creates a highlight reel for you
Get multiple videos for social calendar
Enhance, caption, resize easily

Win social with unique & authentic content.

When you need new content, not clips

Create new content from videos

Turn videos into blogs, recaps and shownotes.
Or brand-new, brand-compliant audiograms.

Multiple output formats based on use case
Use existing ingredients in new forms
Advanced customizations to match your brand

Don't reinvent the wheel. Create a content flywheel.

when webinar views are not growing

Make Webinars Digestible

Parmonic finds key moments and converts long recordings into short, digestible videos.

AI makes it easy by reducing grunt work
No video editor or web developer needed
Super-charge your webinars

Increase views. Exceed engagement goals.

When you need short videos for short attention spans

Create shorts from longs

Parmonic’s advanced AI creates short videos from long ones and augments them for social media.

No video-editing skills required
Reduce costs and reliance on agencies
Speed up content creation

Hack short attention spans with short videos.

When you need to create new authentic content

Transform raw videos into new material

Parmonic turns raw videos into scripts, blogs, audiograms, quote cards and more so you can create new content using ingredients from your recordings.

Multiple output formats based on use case
Use existing insights in new forms
Advanced customizations to match your brand

Create new authentic content quickly and reliably.

How it works
Upload or import a video

Upload a video file or use our integrations to pull recordings from platforms like Zoom, On24 and more. Bring in any video that has spoken word.


Our AI automatically turns the video into 10+ content outputs for various channels.
Easily review and edit the AI-created content using the transcript-based highlighter.

Enhance & Augment

Enhance your videos to elevate their quality and oomph factor. Add subtitles, bumpers and branding. Resize or use AI to remove filler words, and more.


Turn the content into a beautiful landing page, email, social media file, blog or an embed code for your website. Review performance with our in-depth analytics and integrations.

Patented AI sets us apart

Trusted by leading Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Law Firms and Associations for over 5 years (yup, we've been around).

" Parmonic allowed us to get the video content we needed quickly to share with our prospects and customers, without having to hire a designer. "

Blair Romain
Content Marketing Manager, Arkestro

" Parmonic automated the content creation workflow, and thus enabled us to save many hours on the backend. "

Blake Cohlan
Growth Marketing Strategist

" Parmonic allows me to be more creative in my role and I don't have to go through our graphic designer every time. "

Jill Kressin
Content Marketing Specialist
Out-of-the-box Content Templates



Chapterized Playlist

Email Content

Highlight Reel




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What kind of videos does Parmonic work best for?

Our technology works for informative videos that have audio content like webinars, presentations, customer interviews, podcasts, demos, event recordings, townhalls, all-hands exec talks, training sessions, and more.
Explainer videos with only music are not supported.

Is there a minimum/maximum video length that's suitable for use with Parmonic?

While Parmonic works best for videos that are long, in today's age the definition of long is ambiguous. Our customers use Parmonic when they want to create content from videos that are minutes or hours long. While there are no limitations on duration, the type of content our AI creates depends on the duration of videos. It works best for videos longer than 10 mins.

Do I have to use a specific video recording or webinar hosting tool to use Parmonic?

No, Parmonic is agnostic of how you recorded a video or hosted an event. In fact, customers love the fact that by using a purpose-built video-to-content platform like Parmonic they can use any video/webinar/event platform and not be tied to one.

Which integrations do you offer?

We offer integrations with leading webinar providers, Marketing Automation Platforms (Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua), Google Analytics, Sales Enablement Platforms (Salesloft, Outreach, Seismic), and more.

How good is your AI? Can it be customized?

We started this category in 2019 and even have a patent granted by the USPTO on extracting key moments from videos. With years of our own research into it, we've built a pretty-darn-good technology. We can customize our models and certain features for Enterprises.

Is my content and data safe with you? Where are you based?

We are headquartered in Atlanta, United States. We don't sell or misuse customer data. Our contract addresses how data is used for improving our services without compromising on data privacy.

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