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Give your long videos a lift

A massive lift.

Give your audience snackable video and you'll see a huge lift in engagement. Some of our clients have seen a 1500% increase in engagement.

automatic video highlights editing

What does Parmonic do?

video highlights

Watches your videos

To understand how to unpack it for your audience.

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Easy Video Editing Software

Recommends segments

That you can promote to your audience.

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Long video editing

Creates bites

Gives you output ready to embed in campaigns.

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People don't want to sit for an hour to watch a video. They want bite-sized chunks, short-form video that's consumable at the right time.

Ryan Hollenbeck video

What makes Parmonic so different?

While everyone's talking about doing more video content, few realize how difficult it is to consistently produce short video that's high on substance and on brand.
We created Parmonic so marketers can quickly get snackable highlights from their longer videos.

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Works for information-laden videos in any industry

Trained on over 3 million video minutes

Recognizes speech, text, slides, demos, people.

Creates snackable video bites based on semantic understanding of the video.

automatic video highlights editing

Upload a video

View (or quick edit) the segments

Embed in your campaigns

“Who watches anything long these days?
Parmonic is empowering marketers to stay relevant with short video.”

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