Why snackify long videos?

webinar with slides

Attract More Leads

Bite-sized videos bring more leads in.

webinar with people speaking

Engage More Viewers

Bite-sized videos drive engagement.

Why Parmonic?

Our AI makes it easier than baking a cookie.

Parmonic automatically converts long videos to bite-sized moments.

Custom-built for B2B marketers, not video pros.

We've made video snackification easier than writing a blog post.

Cheaper and faster than agencies.

Move at lightning speed and save a ton of money.

What does it do?

Converts long recordings into
bite-sized, snackable moments.
Enhances videos with closed-captioning, bumpers, brand logo and more.
Automatically converts videos to different formats for web, email, social.

One Snackable Webinar. Many avatars.

parmonic outputs

Multiply and Win

Our engine creates multiple outputs to help you win on social, email and web.

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How does it do it?

It's magic.

Our patent-pending AI processes long videos and creates snackable videos for you.

automatic video highlights editing

Upload long video

Get snackable segments

Embed in your campaigns

Who uses it?
Fortune 1000 and Midmarket B2B Companies.
Across 3 continents.

People don't want to sit for an hour to watch a video. They want bite-sized chunks, short-form video that's consumable at the right time.

Ryan Hollenbeck video


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