Turn ordinary webinars into extraordinary content

Each buyer is unique. Parmonic turns long webinars & videos into new content that helps you engage a wider audience.

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Easy & Empowering

Speeds content creation

Automates mundane tasks

prefer short
video content

People are busy. Most prefer short-video based, easy-to-consume content. If you are not thinking beyond the live event, you are missing most of your audience.

Don't limit your content & impact to the 19%.
Learn more in our latest research here.

But video is hard.

Internal teams

are busy with creative projects.


are super expensive and slow.

Video apps

aren't built for serious marketers.

Parmonic's AI helps B2B marketers
turn webinars & long videos into
shorter, multi-format content
to reach more people.

Speed up content creation by turning long videos into

Interactive web pages

That unpack long recordings into interactive moments. Fully brand compliant.

Blogs & Recaps

SEO-friendly, on-point blogs that blend text and video.

Social media videos

Glamorized, subtitled, short moments ready to post on LNKD, FB, IG & more.

Visual emails

Pre-composed for you to copy and paste in your email system.

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Our Webinar Moments AI


videos like webinars, interviews, events.


Videos to make them shine like TV clips.


Key moments locked in long videos.


Moments into impactful videos, webpages, emails, blogs, & more.

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Stats are louder than words

Good stats happen when you make your content flexible.


On average, video moments are watched six times more than long videos.


Median engagement lift seen by customers who use video moments.


Engagement rate of webpages with video moments compared to <3% for non-video pages.

Get speed & automation

Our AI finds interesting moments in your webinars & videos. It automatically highlights them in the transcript it creates for you.

Create your own moments by highlighting portions of the transcript as if it's a Word doc. You don't need a degree in video editing to do this.

Do-it-yourself. Now.

You don't have to wait on others anymore.

Goodbye timestamps

Highlighting text is much easier than timestamps.

Offer interactive
web experiences

Parmonic turns each recording into a captivating, interactive storyline more likely to engage busy buyers who ignore you.

The Gallery transforms all your on-demand recordings into click-worthy moments.


To allow small teams to do big things.


To ensure your brand is front & center in the UX.

Create social moments within moments

Short videos are the fuel for social media. Light up your channels with short videos created from your long webinars. Increase views and channel followers by offering content in a social-ready format.

Perfect subtitles

to accompany videos and grab attention.

Multiple sizes

for different social platforms.

Get a head start on webinar recap blogs & follow-up emails

Parmonic turns webinars into blog posts and emails for you. Our AI writes the first draft so you can be first to market with your original ideas.

Get a SEO boost with your authentic content instead of generic content.


Our Blog AI is optimized for B2B marketers.


Change the tone, length or focus topics with a click.

Available Augmented AI offering for precision beyond regular AI

For brands in certain industries that have higher quality requirements.

High accuracy transcripts

For a no-compromise end result.


For TV-quality enhancements.

Custom controls

For additional content options.

Custom workflows

For automation.

Integrations & data that'll help you
measure & show impact.

Parmonic integrates quickly and tightly with Marketing Automation Platforms, Google Analytics, Sales Enablement & more.
Collect leads. Measure video engagement. Show impact.

How it works


Webinars, interviews, presentations.
Creates subtitles.


Patent-pending AI performs visual, linguistic & content analysis to recommend key moments to you.


Glamorizes raw recordings to make them look like TV clips that people will notice.


Converts outputs into different formats and experiences for different channels & audiences.

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Popular Use Cases

Shine on Social Media

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Turn Webinars into Lead Magnets

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Modernize On-Demand Webinar Program

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Elevate Sales Enablement

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Uplevel Customer Marketing

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Transcripts, Subtitles, Localization

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Without Parmonic
  • Settle for low results but high effort because buyers are ignoring long recordings.
  • Hire expensive video agencies.
  • Wait forever on video teams to give you a clip.
  • Be unable to show your impact on pipeline.
With Parmonic
  • Modernize your approach for busy buyers. Give them short videos (key moments).
  • Save a lot of money on video creation.
  • Get it done NOW. Move quickly and make things (videos) happen.
  • Clearly show impact. Tune your efforts based on data.

A product & company worthy of your love.

The world's top brands and marketers trust Parmonic. We are crazily-obsessed with customer success and innovation. With a 4+year history we're pioneers in video automation and video AI.

Insanely-good Support

for successful onboarding, training and adoption.


From procurement to data privacy, you're covered.

You can do more webinars.
Or you can do more with webinars.

Loved by inspirational marketers at F1000 & Midsize companies in

Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal and Manufacturing.

"What took weeks can now be done over a short lunch break. Parmonic is a real game-changer here."

"This is black magic. We can now do with video what we never could."

"Parmonic empowers ordinary marketers and makes them extraordinary."

Seeing is believing

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