Effortlessly turn long videos into short moments
with AI

Our AI Video Assistant helps you generate short videos from webinars, events, interviews without long waits or huge costs.
Move fast and become un-ignorable.

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Win people's attention

Speed up marketing

Reduce video costs

No one (or their grandma) has time or attention for
long, informational videos.

Slow video teams & expensive agencies
have held marketers back (till now).

It's time to change your trajectory.
You deserve better. Your audience deserves better.

Parmonic transcribes and glamorizes long videos,
finds key moments and turns them into the right format
for each marketing channel.

AI does the grunt work, you make the final decisions.


Highest-quality transcripts lead to better content & subtitles.


Patent-pending AI performs visual, linguistic & content analysis to recommend key moments to you.


Glamorizes raw recordings to make them look like TV clips that people will notice.


Converts outputs into different formats and experiences for different channels & tools.

Augmented AI options for brands that need high precision.

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Serious marketers need integrations & data.
Ship videos fast. Show impact faster.

We understand B2B marketers' world. Whether it's with Marketing Automation Platforms or Sales Engagement tools, our integrations make life so much easier. You can show impact on pipeline and revenue. And your Ops/IT will love you for not storing customer data in risky video hosting services.

You can make an impact with fewer resources…when you have a better tool.


Expensive, Slow Video Agencies

Clunky tools you have to cobble together

Transcription Services

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Without Parmonic
  • Settle for low results but high effort because buyers are ignoring long recordings.
  • Hire expensive video agencies.
  • Wait forever on video teams to give you a clip.
  • Be unable to show your impact on pipeline.
With Parmonic
  • Modernize your approach for busy buyers. Give them short videos (key moments).
  • Save a lot of money on video creation.
  • Get it done NOW. Move quickly and make things (videos) happen.
  • Clearly show impact. Tune your efforts based on data.

You can do more webinars.
With Parmonic you can do more with webinars.

Loved by resourceful marketers at F500 & Midsize companies.

"What took weeks can now be done over a short lunch break. Parmonic is a real game-changer here."

Tom Turpel
Sr. Global Digital Marketing Manager, OSIsoft

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Inspirational Marketers Using Parmonic

Savvy marketers from mid-size to F500 brands use Parmonic.

Accelerate your video marketing

Inspirational Marketers Using Parmonic

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