Produces creative videos


Creative Video Editor

Primary Goal

Wants to create high-quality original videos that stir the audience's emotions.

Driving Force

Wants to support marketing team but not take on mundane, low-impact projects.

How Parmonic helps?

Helps you set clear direction & goal for your team.

Provides a tool to align each individual with the goal.

Trains each individual so they can have an impact immediately.

Quick & easy deployment - show impact quickly.

Comprehensive solution that helps you reduce number of tools.

Tips to be successful

Advocate self-service to marketers.

Focus your time on unique, creative content.

Create and own brand elements.


Attract, convert & engage more leads & customers.

Show higher impact on pipeline.

Transform your existing marketing team into a video powerhouse.

Increase ROI on each marketer in your team.

Steer your team to victory this fiscal.

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