Creates Content


Content Owner

Primary Goal

Quickly & consistently create content that will spur the audience to action.

Driving Force

Wants to "upgrade" herself with video content skills without relying on video agencies.

How Parmonic helps?

Our AI does most of the work for you so you don't have to start from scratch.

Simplifies video creation/editing so a content creator doesn't need any video editing skills or complex tools.

Allows you to easily collaborate with different stakeholders.

Allows you to export content for multiple channels & internationalize it.

Packages a philosophy, process and tool in a single solution.

Tips to be successful

Think beyond the long webinar

Boldly embrace video

Be consistent & growth-minded


Deliver impactful content at high velocity.

Deliver video content consistently.

Deliver content that has the biggest impact on your pipeline.

Become a holistic content creator.

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of making video content more munchable.

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