Sets Strategy & Direction for Marketing


VP of Marketing

Primary Goal

Inspire team to increase impact by increasing productivity, and embracing better technologies instead of dated approaches that are losing effectiveness.

Driving Force

Need to show bigger, faster impact on pipeline by doing more with existing or less resources.

How Parmonic helps?

Brings speed and self-service to marketers.

A platform that makes webinars a strategic asset to expand reach.

Frees up creative and video teams to create what AI can't.

Reduces video costs and time.

Integrates with existing stack and provides real data.

Tips to be successful

Set clear goals for your team.

Designate tactical owners.

Inspire team to adapt & grow.


Better, modern experiences for audience.

Expanded reach on social media.

Faster GTM with short video content.

Increase ROI on each marketer in your team.

Lead your team to victory this fiscal.

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