owns Ops


Marketing Operations Manager

Primary Goal

Support execution of new programs within the constraints of existing infrastructure.

Driving Force

Want to help team do new things without breaking sh$t or compromising on data.

How Parmonic helps?

Helps create a consistent process between campaigns & ops.

Parmonic-generated outputs are battle-tested and minimize errors.

Works with existing ops infrastructure.

Helps you maintain data ownership & hygiene.

Worry-free video infrastructure.

Tips to be successful

Set clear expectations with content & campaign owners.

Boldly embrace video.

Set up a process early on.


Support munchable video campaigns without breaking infrastructure.

A consistent approach to run campaigns.

Save time on burdensome email, web layout editing.

Reuse existing reporting workflows with minimal change.

Some heroes work behind the scenes.
And we like to work with them.

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