Produces creative videos


Creative Video Editor

Primary Goal

Wants to create high-quality original videos that stir the audience's emotions.

Driving Force

Wants to support marketing team but not take on mundane, low-impact projects.

How Parmonic helps?

Allows you to focus on high-impact projects

Takes care of important non-video tasks (transcription, storage, streaming, output formats, HTML, etc.)

Gives you brand control while automating mundane tasks

Allows you to multiply your impact using AI

Allows you to easily collaborate with stakeholders

Tips to be successful

Advocate self-service to marketers

Focus your time on unique, creative content.

Create and own brand elements.


Push more video content faster.

More time to create more original, high-impact videos.

Reduce production costs related to transcriptions, translations, etc.

Win the hearts of your sales & marketing colleagues.

Go from video creator dude to video champion.

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