Convert more leads from sponsored events

Sponsored events are an important tactic to acquire new leads. They are also quite expensive. The right media company might have a huge database that it can expose you to. But remember that it's your content and tactics that will dictate whether paid events yield results or not.

We at Parmonic love sponsored events and use them ourselves. But data indicates that more than 60% of registrants don't end up attending the event/webinar they registered for. If you are participating in a multi-sponsor event with several tracks and sessions, you are competing for time and attention with all other sponsors!

Due to the high price tag and huge whitespace of no-shows, you have an opportunity to generate more leads and increase the ROI from sponsored events.

Utilizing sponsored events is a crucial strategy for gaining new leads
Nearly half of attendees dropping out during the event

The challenge highlighted involves sponsored events as a key method for lead acquisition, emphasizing their expense and the need for effective content and tactics. The data indicates a significant issue where over 60% of registrants do not attend, and even among attendees, nearly half drop out during the event, termed as 'low-shows.' This high rate of non-participation poses a significant opportunity cost, emphasizing the importance of strategies to increase attendance and optimize return on investment in sponsored events.

Leveraging data from conferences and webinars for marketing success

Conference and webinar hosts typically provide marketers with a list of "leads". This list typically contains email addresses and demographic information as well as data on registration/attendance/time spent, etc..

This lead list can then be imported into a MAP or CRM, or shared with the sales team.

What’s known
Transforming No-Shows into High-Value MQLs

A lead that registered but did not attend has shown interest but was unable to fit the event in her schedule. Target no-shows with a follow-up email that gives them key moments (takeaways) right inside the email. By removing friction and barrier to content consumption, you can make it easy for leads to give you a signal that proves they really are interested and allow you to increase the MQL score.

New Insight
Targeting low-show attendees with recap emails

Target the low-shows with a recap of key moments. Since they didn't attend much of the event, their action on your follow-up email will dictate whether they are MQLs or not.

Provide a copy of the follow-up email to your sales team (Parmonic makes that super easy for you) and ask sellers to use this new way of following up with leads from events.When someone attends an event, they often go back to their team and share insights and learnings.

Explicitly ask email recipients to forward the munchable recap email to their colleagues. They are more likely to share this 'cliff notes' version.

Parmonic How-to
Increasing lead conversion and elevating event ROI through strategic recap emails

An important purpose of these recaps is driving content recollection in the minds of buyers. Add explicit CTAs in your email that allow people to ask questions about content topics.

Convert more leads from sponsored events. For most companies these additional leads will decide whether the event ROI was positive or negative.

By reducing barriers to consumption of content, you can get brand exposure via event hosting and media companies, and then proactively convert leads to higher quality MQLs.

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