Convert more no-shows to high-quality MQLs

On average, more than 60% of people who register for webinars don't attend. People with more buying authority and budgets are also typically the people with less time. They are more likely to be in the 60% of those who registered but did not attend.

Giving a list of all those who registered to the sales team leads to several challenges -

  • Sales has no way of knowing who is really interested and worthy of their time.
  • Many registrants might be very early in their buyers' journey. Until they show stronger interest, unleashing the sales team on these top-of-the-funnel buyers might backfire.

If you can use compelling content to allow no-shows to easily engage with you, you and your sales team can exceed your metrics.

Individuals with significant buying authority and budgets have limited time availability
The challenge of no-shows among high-authority registrants

Providing the sales team with a list of registrants introduces challenges, as it becomes difficult for sales to identify genuinely interested prospects worthy of their time. Additionally, many registrants may still be in the early stages of their buyer's journey, and engaging the sales team with these top-of-the-funnel leads prematurely could yield undesirable results.

Follow-up emails tailored for the time-starved buyer

You can send a follow-up email that contains a link to the full event recording. These don't serve the time-starved buyer's problem of not having time to attend or watch the whole recording.

A lead that registered but did not attend has shown interest but was unable to fit the event in her schedule. Target no-shows with a follow-up email that gives them key moments (takeaways) right inside the email. By removing friction and barrier to content consumption, you can make it easy for leads to give you a signal that proves they really are interested and allow you to increase the MQL score.

What’s known
Maximizing buyer interest through bite-size content and key moments

By serving content in a bite-size, low-commitment format in your emails and landing pages you can increase the number of actions a buyer can take to signal their interest to you. These actions translate into scores and points for MQLs.

The follow-up email containing key moments becomes the interaction that brings no-shows to your landing page. On the landing page, you can serve a storyline of key moments (auto created by Parmonic) and increase the surface area of possible engagement with leads.

New Insight
Leveraging marketing automation forms for seamless registration

Go to the Email tab, select the top 4 key moments. Configure the destination page (your own page or a Parmonic page) to serve a bite-size storyline of key moments from the webinar.

Copy the corresponding email code into your event follow-up email template. Use the Parmonic MA Connector to see engagement analytics and update lead scores.

If you don’t have the ability to paste HTML in marketing emails, you may have to ask your Marketing Ops team for help.

We strongly recommend that you use a Marketing Automation system to capture leads and their journey with you. Using MA forms for registration allows you to get permission from your buyers to engage with them and track their activities.

Parmonic How-to
Enhancing clarity and engagement metrics through video consumption signals

Convert more no-shows to high-quality MQLs. Reduce ambiguity on quality and MQLs scores by measuring engagement signals associated with video consumption.

Make it easy for buyers to learn about your solutions and show interest.

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