Grab attention with gifs in follow-up & no-show emails

The follow-up email or the "Sorry, we missed you" email is one of the most common tactics employed by marketers right after hosting a webinar. This typically goes out to everyone who has registered for the event. It's critical that you improve the quality of this touchpoint in order to make your webinar successful.

Audience gets tons of email everyday so it's important to make your email standout.

Audience gets tons of email everyday so it's important to make your email standout
Elevating webinar success through enhanced follow-up email communication

The issue with receiving an excessive number of emails is that it can lead to email overload, making it challenging for individuals to manage their inboxes efficiently. This can result in important messages being overlooked, increased stress, and a decreased ability to focus on essential tasks. Additionally, excessive emails may contribute to a decline in overall productivity and hinder effective communication.

Enhancing accessibility and engagement for both attendees and non-attendees

Traditionally, a follow-up email has included a link to the full recording. This limits the effectiveness both for those who attended the event and those who missed it.

Those who attended the event are typically looking for key points from the event to revisit those or share with colleagues. Those who missed the event didn't have time to attend it so it's important to transform the content into something more consumable.

You cannot insert videos in an email. While your email client may let you do it, most email systems will block your email. Please don't do this.

You can insert static images or gifs in email.

What’s known
Offer a valuable, key moment from the webinar in the follow-up email

Deliver value every time you interact with your audience. In event follow-up emails, instead of just including a link to the full recording and asking people to go to webpage to view that, win their heart and attention by offering a valuable snippet in the moment.

You can pick one (or multiple) key moments from your webinar and offer those visually in the email. Add contextual information that informs the email recipients what is covered in the key moment(s) included in the email. This will become the reason they click (or not).

Since videos can't be inserted into emails, the next-best content format that is animated and lively is a gif. Motion catches attention. Gifs are a great, lightweight way to add motion to otherwise static emails.

New Insight
Ability to insert visual content into your email

In Parmonic, go to the Email tab. Choose the most interesting moment you want to share in email. Export a GIF version of that moment.

When you insert this moment in your email, hyperlink it to the destination webpage where viewers can watch the video content.

If you can only send one email follow-up after an event, use the most valuable (interesting) moment. Alternately, use the trailer as a recap of the entire webinar. If you want to send multiple moments in the same email, use static images instead of gifs. If you can send multiple follow-up emails, create a sequence of 4 emails and include one key moment in each. This is similar to how several consumer brands deliver "bite-size" lessons or insights. A huge benefit of this is that it allows you to spread your message over time.

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Strategies for attention-worthy and engaging email content

Get people's attention by including attention-worthy content. Convert attention to engagement. Upgrade the overall quality of your communication by showcasing your best content, whether through impactful visuals, concise messaging, or personalized touches.

Stand out from the crowd. Elevate the quality of your emails and show your best.

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