Help SDRs convert more leads to opportunities

SDRs (Sales Development Reps) or BDRs are an important conduit between marketing and Account Executives. Most SDR activity happens digitally via email and in some cases LinkedIn. Your company's investment in SDRs is heavily dependent on the quality of content you provide to SDRs so they can convert leads to opportunities.

BDRs serve as a vital bridge connecting the realms of marketing and Account Executives
The vital role of quality content in empowering SDRs

The quality of content provided to SDRs becomes a critical factor as it directly influences their ability to convert leads into opportunities, underscoring the substantial dependence on effective content for the success of the company's investment in SDRs.

Exploring email automation tools to create quality MQLs and opportunities for AEs

SDR teams use email automation tools like and Salesloft, or in some cases Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. SDRs may also use tools like Seismic and Highspot. All these tools rely on SDRs including content in their emails (or social media) that will pique a buyer's interest and get a positive response.

SDRs are often also responsible for driving registrations to webinars and taking webinar registration lists to convert them into high-quality MQLs and opportunities for AEs.

What’s known
Provide SDRs easy-to-use short video content

Your webinar has great content. Transform it into something consumable and personal. Give your SDRs an edge over competitors who are still sending links to hour-long recordings by giving them a bite-size storyline of key moments that they can easily share to get buyers' attention.

Empower your SDRs with content they can quickly and easily use without creating too much work for them (we've heard from many SDRs that they don't like recording themselves on camera and expect marketing to provide polished content).

Give SDRs ready-made content to minimize decision paralysis. Offer it in the right format (a link, image, email, etc.) and quantity (e.g. content for one email or a sequence of emails).

New Insight
Ability to share content with SDRs via email, templates, OFT files, etc.

You can use the Sales Enablement module in Parmonic to package the outputs for your SDRs in an online briefcase. SDRs can then download GIFs for emails or post directly on social media without logging in to Parmonic.

Periodically check in with your SDR team and that team's manager to ask about their experience with this new content format, their secret hacks and feedback.

If your SDRs do lead gen on social media, they must build their profiles by regularly posting content (key moments) so that buyers are more likely to respond to their messages.

Parmonic How-to
Strengthening revenue connections through collaborative partnership

Facilitate the effectiveness of your valuable SDRs by ensuring they have expedited, user-friendly, and consistently accessible content in a format that resonates.

Build a stronger connection to revenue by nurturing a collaborative partnership with your SDR team, fostering a seamless flow of insights and resources to drive success in engaging prospects and generating valuable opportunities.

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Start reincarnating content with Parmonic

Create/transform/repurpose content from your videos with a reliable AI tool

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