Increase registrations and viewership of on-demand webinars

Webinars have a schedule. Buyers don't. Buyers are solving problems and buying solutions whenever they have a need. Your content needs to be ready for buyers whenever they want to engage. People are coming to your website 24/7/365 and your content needs to be at its best to work on your behalf.

Webinars are like a real-estate asset. If you take care of it, you can earn rent and become rich. If you ignore it, it's just a fast-depreciating asset.

People like multimedia content. It's easier for human brains to process videos
Adapting content availability to fit your schedule and needs

Webinars have set schedules, but buyers don't operate on a timetable – they're tackling problems and seeking solutions whenever it suits them. To better support your audience, it's essential to ensure your content is always available for engagement. With people visiting your website 24/7, it's important to keep your content at its best to serve them whenever they drop by.

Transforming viewers into engaged participants

You can create a registration page to gate access to webinars. The registration page typically includes some text. Upon filling out the form on the registration page, viewers are redirected to watch a (usually long) webinar and expected to move forward in their buyers' journey.

What’s known
Enhance the digestibility of webinars for a wider audience

Different buyers have different preferences. Instead of asking everyone to watch a long recording, give them the choice to consume what matters to them. Let users personalize their content journey.

Highlight important points and let viewers build their own personalized webinar consumption journey. Do the hard work for buyers because if you make them work hard, they will leave. Suggest the best parts to viewers and give them a quick, low-risk opportunity to engage.

New Insight
Driving traffic and offering VIP access to key moments
  • Import your webinar recording.
  • Review the automatically-created key moments in Parmonic.
  • Publish the storyline experience via Parmonic or embed on your own landing page.
  • Gate the storyline using your MAP form (integrated in Parmonic).

Supplement these efforts by using email, social media and ads to drive people to your webpages.

Based on your analytics set-up, you can give email recipients VIP access to the key moments instead of asking them to fill out a form again. This can be done by creating separate landing pages for anonymous visitors and known audiences.

Parmonic How-to
Maximizing impact and audience engagement with time-efficient approaches

Convert more registration page visitors to leads. Drive more viewership of content locked in webinars. Reduce webinar drop-off. Extend webinar shelf life and impact.

Protect your webinars from decaying and capture a bigger share of buyer's time by asking for less time.

The Outcome

Start reincarnating content with Parmonic

Create/transform/repurpose content from your videos with a reliable AI tool

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