Convert more anonymous visitors to known leads

What you'll learn

  • Why it's important to convert more anonymous traffic
  • Using content from webinars to get more form fills
  • How to do it
  • Outcome

Why it matters

98% of the visitors on your website are likely unknown or anonymous. This is a big problem because as a marketer you can’t tell with certainty if your programs are bringing the right visitors to the website and whether those visitors are converting to buyers.

This also handicaps sales teams because it makes it hard for them to know how buyers who are in active opportunities are acting. While there are workarounds like using aggregate trends, those trends are lagging indicators. You can also do retargeting ads (which will become much harder due to upcoming changes in 3rd-party cookie tracking), the latter is expensive.

What's known

Marketers can gate content using forms. Seasoned marketers use forms from their Marketing Automation platform (and we highly recommend that approach). As a marketer you also know that it’s hard to convince people to fill out a form.

Parmonic Insight and Solution

Value is currency

Buyers want to see evidence of value before giving you permission to communicate with them. We suggest delivering partial value upfront to earn trust.

One way to accomplish this is by offering a short trailer from a webinar recording. The trailer should reference the top 4-5 points that a viewer can derive value from. Share the trailer on the registration page of an on-demand webinar.

What you will need

Access to Parmonic and your webinar registration page,ability to paste an embed code on your registration page.

How to do it

  • Use the automatically-created trailer or tweak it if you want to change it.
  • Copy the embed code.
  • Paste the embed code on your webinar registration page next to your MA form.

If you don’t have the ability to paste an embed code you may have to ask your Ops or Web team for help.


If you sync data between your MA system and CRM, your sales team can also see the real-time buyers’ journey and engagement. Now your AE who is working on a big deal and worried about close date is wondering whether the buyer will move forward or not, real-time engagement data can help her – and that’s thanks to marketing.

Parmonic’s enhanced trailer has an animated film strip that informs viewers about key moments. We suggest using that over the standard trailer.

Example of a conversion page with a registration form and trailer

While some marketers use registration pages provided by webinar hosts, we highly recommend that you use a form from your MA system if you want to get serious about knowing and influencing the buyer's journey.


Convert more anonymous visitors to known leads.
For most companies even a low-single digit increase is huge.

Research from On24 indicates that using a video on yourregistration page can increase registrations by 17%.
(Disclaimer: On24 is a strategic partner of Parmonic. The cited study was published by On24 before the partnership was born.)

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