Convert more webinar attendees to buyers

What you'll learn

  • Conversion begins (not ends) at events
  • How to expand reach to buying committees
  • How to do it
  • Outcome

Why it matters

Has anyone ever attended a webinar you hosted and immediately made a purchase? Probably not. Webinars are the beginning of a relationship with a buyer. It’s the first signal of someone’s interest. You need many more signals to make it a high-quality MQL and take the lead closer to the point where they are ready to purchase.

Seasoned marketers know that conversion is not a single event, it's a series of events.

What's known

You host a webinar or sponsor one. On a good day 40% of the registrants might attend the live event. Some of the attendees might not be in your ideal customer profile (ICP) so you are left with a smaller percentage of true leads. For some marketers, just getting a list of emails who attended is enough. If that's you, you don't need this playbook.

For revenue-focused marketers you know that these leads need to be nurtured before they are sales-ready.

Parmonic Insight and Solution

Leverage attendees for content sharing

Ever heard of buying committees? Most B2B purchases are made not by a single individual but by a committee. When people attend webinars and events, a promise they make to their teams is to take good notes, share insights learned and recommend new products. What if you can make this sharing easier to get exposure to the buying committee that did not attend?

Attendees get exposed to a lot of information in a 30 or 60-minute session. Some of that is relevant, some is not. There must be some nuggets in the presentation that made the attendee pause, notice and think. It reminded them of a problem they have and how your solution can help solve it. Most likely there are several problems and your solution can help in many ways. If you can increase content recollection by exposing the attendee to same message again, you now have a higher chance of moving them faster on their buyer's journey.

What you will need

A webinar recording. Access to Parmonic. Ability to insert content into emails. Ability to share content with sales.

How to do it

  • Upload the recording to Parmonic.
  • Turn the long recording into an interactive, short-video based storyline with a few clicks.
  • Export the top-3 key moments into an email.
  • Add text in your email copy explicitly asking recipients to share the recap with their colleagues.

Add additional text in your email copy inviting recipients to engage with you, ask questions, book time with a specialist, etc..

If you work with your sales team, provide these key moments to them and ask them to use those to gauge buyer's interest and ask for internal sharing.


Email engagement and sharing are trackable within email marketing tools.

Buyers often have multiple reasons to buy and it's worth exploring those. Send more follow-up content to get a sense of what kind of content and CTAs are resonating. Offer no-pressure guidance as a CTA via the channel of choice for that buyer. E.g. some buyers might be ready to start the dialog via email whereas others might prefer to speak with someone.

Prime buyers for engagement and follow-up via your sales team. A simple mention in your follow-up will make sales' outreach feel less like a cold email and more like a referral.


Convert more attendees to buyers.  
Get more exposure to buying committees.
Shorten the time from webinar attendance to purchase decision.

Start more relationships with guests who attended webinars and events. Lose fewer attendees. Increase the confidence of sales teams in webinar leads. Establish your brand as a guide, not as a used-car salesman.

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