Create impactful content from webinars

What you'll learn

  • Benefits of creating content from webinars
  • What kind of content you can create for different teams
  • How to do it
  • Tips on how to make even not-so-great webinars yield great content
  • Outcome

Why it matters

The most fundamental responsibility of marketing is to create content that leaves an impression and compels action. Every program, every campaign, every tactic needs content.

What's known

Content comes in many shapes and forms. The two most important categories are:

  • Text-based content like blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, etc.
  • Multimedia content like explainer videos, highlight reels, webinars, podcasts.

A third, much smaller category is interactive content like calculators, quizzes, etc..

Content creation needs good ideas, knowledge of the company's market and products, and insights. Creating content from scratch takes a lot of time and investment.

Parmonic Insight and Solution

It's the beginning, not the end

A marketer's expertise lies not in becoming an expert in her company's products but rather in converting her company's knowledge and insights into content for the market.

Instead of thinking about webinars as the end, think about webinars as the beginning (of content creation). Subject-matter experts prepare content and deliver it as a recording. It's almost like they've created the draft of a long content piece for you.

You can take these recordings, apply some magic to create new content and provide that polished, impactful content to other teams that need content.

Who can you serve

  • Sales
    SDRs and AEs need content in almost in every interaction. Sellers often ask for short, relevant content. You can provide sellers with munchable key moments from webinars as short-form video content. A seller's job becomes easier when he is asking for 2-mins of a buyer's time instead of an hour. The primary channel that sellers use is email so content for sellers should be formatted for email. If you use a Sales Enablement tool to share content with sellers, you can distribute munchables on that platform.
  • Social Media
    Your social media team has to consistently fill out the calendar for social channels with compelling content. Social media teams love short videos because they are known to lead to higher engagement. You can provide your social media team with 5-6 videos from a single webinar. A webinar trailer is a great starting point. Insightful quotes from the webinar make excellent social media content.
  • Email
    Your email marketing team needs content for newsletters and nurture campaigns. Based on the sophistication of those campaigns, you can provide your email team with generic content (like trailers), highlighted content (like a 1-min video from a high-profile webinar) or targeted content for a particular product line.
  • PR
    Your PR team or agency typically needs quotes, news and context. You can provide webinar transcripts to PR teams in addition to video content.
  • Blogs and written content
    Webinar recordings and transcripts are an excellent starting point for a well-written blog post. By providing the recording and transcription, you can help your writers create content exponentially faster.
  • SEO
    SEO teams are constantly working on improving webpages and the content on those webpages. They may be using a mix of optimization techniques for organic and paid efforts. Video content is getting higher weight by search engines like Google. By offering a mix of videos and text-based content from webinars that includes relevant keywords you can boost your team's SEO efforts.

What you will need

Access to Parmonic and a webinar recording to get started.

How to do it

  • Upload the recording to Parmonic.
  • Review the outputs automatically created for you. Make any minor tweaks as needed or create more.
  • Go to the Publish option and share or export content in different formats for different teams.

Parmonic is an easy, all-in-one solution. It creates content, allows you to create content and transforms content into every imaginable format for each of the teams that you might be working with. Our goal is to free up your time for more meaningful tasks.


Some webinar recordings are not smooth. Don't let that come in the way of your success. The Glamorizer in Parmonic addresses this by cosmetically uplifting webinar recordings to make them TV quality.

Use advanced analytics capabilities in Parmonic to track the impact of your content.

"The medium is the message" still applies. Different teams and use cases will have needs for different content pieces, formats and durations. Parmonic is the only platform that covers those scenarios for you.

Upload webinar and video recordings to Parmonic and quickly transform them into compelling content.


Reduce content creation costs.
Increase content creation velocity.
Provide more channel-appropriate content formats.
Use a purpose-built tool to create content from content and do your best work.
Leverage webinars and the content locked inside them.

Do (a lot) more with less.

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