Establish thought leadership via social media

What you'll learn

  • Why it's important to show thought leadership on social media
  • How to automate content creation for B2B social media
  • How to do it
  • Outcome

Why it matters

Buyers want to purchase from winners - companies that they trust and admire, companies that look like thought leaders in the space. Social media is an important channel because it serves as a public place where buyers can learn about your products and services, and can be influenced. Social media is also an important contributor to search results and SEO. For B2B companies, LinkedIn is the most important social media channel to showcase thought leadership.

Social media is also important to maintain long-lasting relationships. Buyers change jobs over time and you will lose access to their current email address. If buyers are following you on social media, you can establish a long-lasting relationship with them so that when they move to their next job they are still listening to you.

What's known

Consistency and quality of content are the top-two drivers of success on social media. Organic social has to be earned and paid social is becoming more expensive and competitive. While social media may not be a lead-gen tactic that works for every brand, social media as a brand marketing tactic works for most brands.

Short videos are the most popular and successful format on social media.

Parmonic Insight and Solution

Automate creation of social-media content from existing content

Your webinar has great content. Your thought leaders and product teams have phenomenal insights to share. Instead of starting from scratch or investing in expensive content creation for social media, convert your webinars, event recordings and customer interviews into short videos (munchables) for social media.

Social media marketers should spend their precious time on coming up with creative headlines for social posts. That's something that is not automatable. Content creation is automatable (using Parmonic). Tasks like finding the right time to post, engaging with people on social media and joining communities all need a social media manager's time and human touch. You will see much more success by spending your time on those activities while outsourcing content creation to your webinar speakers.

What you will need

Ability to post content on your social media channels. Access to Parmonic.
If you don't have the ability to post content directly, you may have to work with your social media team or agency.

How to do it

  • Start with the trailer that Parmonic automatically creates for you. This is a short reel of the most interesting moments from a video that was uploaded into Parmonic.
  • Quickly add your pre-configured branding elements (an intro/outro card, logo), and optionally, choose from one of the background music tracks. Add subtitles.
  • Download the video file.
  • Upload to LinkedIn, Twitter or your desired channel. You can also share a link with your social media team if you are responsible for creating content for them.


Parmonic offers two formats for social media - a 16:9 rectangle or a 1:1 square.

The 1:1 square has more real-estate to add text and CTAs. The larger frame size gives you more exposure on social media sites as viewers scroll through their feeds.

Add subtitles in English for your English-speaking audience. Videos typically auto-play on mute so subtitles are key to getting someone's attention in those precious few seconds where a viewer decides to engage or drop.

Example of a LinkedIn post with a munchable video created and augmented in Parmonic.


Establish thought leadership by consistently posting content that gets attention and engagement.

Increase your follower count and subscribers year-over-year.

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