Help AEs convert more opportunities to wins

What you'll learn

  • Why it's important to empower AEs modern, bite-size content
  • How to generate bite-size, webinar-derived content for AEs
  • Outcome

Why it matters

Account Executives are typically working on many opportunities that fall under various stages of the sales process. A lot of opportunity nurturing happens with content and asynchronous communication (email) beyond calls and meetings. Effective content can keep momentum going and buyers engaged while the opportunity goes through different stages. AEs often find themselves chasing buyers to close opportunities on time to meet leaderships' forecasts.

What's known

Seasoned AEs stay on top of mind with their buyers by nurturing them with interesting content. AEs sometimes use marketing-created content and at other times use external content found on the Internet to get the job of nurturing done. Different stages in the buyers' journey need different types of content. AEs typically use 1:1 emails and occasionally use 1:few emails.

Parmonic Insight and Solution

Provide AEs easy-to-use short-video content

A webinar may be generic but you can repackage it to elevate its value both in the eyes of AEs and your buyers.

While working with AEs it's important to align success for marketing and sales by changing your ask from 'Drive registrations for webinars' to 'Drive opportunities to close'.

AEs need reasons to ping buyers to move them towards close dates that have been forecasted in your CRM. They need your help (aka effective content). Sales leadership teams often rely on AE's email activities to predict deal closure.

Provide AEs key moments from webinars on a consistent, predictable basis. Classify the content into though-leadership and product-specific categories to make it easy for AEs to use. These short videos allow AEs to keep buyers engaged and allow them to ask buyers questions.

Offer the content to AEs so that it's ready to use in email - the preferred tool of most AEs.

What you will need

Ability to share content with AEs via email, templates, OFT files, etc. Access to Parmonic.

How to do it

  • In Parmonic, turn your webinar into a short-video based story.
  • Review the automatically-generated storyline and tweak it if needed.
  • Copy the email output and save it in your desired format compatible with tools your AEs use (typically, Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace).
  • Share the email you have built with the AEs.

You can also use the Sales Enablement module in Parmonic to package the outputs for your AEs in an online briefcase. SDRs can then download GIFs for emails or post directly on social media without logging in to Parmonic.


Seasoned AEs are constantly sharing content on social media channels like LinkedIn. Provide shareable versions of key moments to AEs so they can build your company's and their reputation online. Consistently posting valuable content will also help them engage with buyers who are not ready yet.

Connect Parmonic with your MA system so you can show marketing's impact on the pipeline and revenue.


Provide AEs content quickly, easily and consistently.
Provide content in a format that will get used.

Confidently show impact on opportunities and revenue.

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