Help CSMs drive more renewals and upsells

What you'll learn

  • Why it's important to convert more leads from sponsored events
  • How to get content for high-impact event follow-up emails
  • How to do it
  • Outcome

Why it matters

The value of most enterprise companies is dictated not just by growth and new revenue, but by renewals and upsells. Wall Street rewards companies with high renewal rates and punishes companies with low renewal rates. Customer Success teams are the 'sales' team when it comes to renewals and upsells, and content is the key to engaging customers.

What's known

Webinars targeted towards existing customers are a good way of sharing product updates and new announcements. Peer-to-peer customer communities are another channel to facilitate knowledge sharing. Participation, attendance and engagement rates are a challenge for many marketers. CSMs use a mix of 1:1 and automated blast emails.

Parmonic Insight and Solution

Provide CSMs easy-to-use munchable content

Convert webinars into content that CSMs can use to proactively nurture customers.

Give CSMs content that falls in three categories -
Thought-leadership - because customers want to learn new best-practices and trends
Product-specific - to drive more usage of specific features or new products
Community-focused - to drive social proof and community engagement

Thought-leadership content is typically considered in the top-of-the-funnel stage of a buyer's journey. However, we've found that customers are perpetually looking to learn about new trends and best-practices. You can repackage thought-leadership content for existing customers!

The munchable key moments are short videos that are great for use in your Help center. Embed these in help articles directly.

What you will need

Ability to share content with CSMs. Access to Parmonic.

How to do it

  • Go to the Email tab, select the top 6 munchables (key moments).
  • Configure the destination page (your own page or a Parmonic page)
  • Copy the email output and save it in your desired format compatible with tools your CSMs use.

You can also use the Sales Enablement module in Parmonic to package the outputs for your CSM team in an online briefcase. They can then download GIFs for emails or post directly on social media without logging in to Parmonic.


Add renewal and upsell focused webinars to your schedule. These could be customer interviews which can also be used for top-of-the-funnel marketing or peer-learning sessions.

Ask CSMs to share content based on customer interest and progress. This is usually captured during CSM calls and periodic briefings. Customers love content that is specific to them.

If you have sophisticated customer management software that captures customer actions tied to feature usage, you can set up sophisticated content targeting that allows you to take content generated in Parmonic and serve to customers based on their actions in your product.

Upload munchable videos to your dedicated Help center (like Zendesk, a Parmonic customer).


Provide AEs content quickly, easily and consistently.
Provide content in a format that will get used.

Confidently show impact on opportunities and revenue.

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