Video Magician
Emma Vishow

Meet Alex, the creative force behind Parmonic compelling visual storytelling. As our dedicated in-house video editor, Alex has transformed the way we communicate with our customers, turning raw footage into powerful narratives that resonate with our audience


Alex joined our team three years ago, bringing a rich background in film and media production. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Alex quickly became an indispensable part of our marketing team. Located in the bustling heart of our corporate office, Alex’s editing suite is where all the magic happens.

“Editing isn't just about cutting footage; it's about weaving a story that captures the essence of our brand and resonates deeply with our audience. Every clip I select, every transition I make, is a brushstroke in a larger painting.”

— Alex Hermoso
The Journey

One of Alex's biggest challenges was the launch of our new product line last year. The project required a series of intricate product tutorials and high-stakes promotional videos that needed to be perfect. The tight deadlines and high expectations would have been overwhelming for many, but Alex managed to not only meet the deadlines but also exceed our expectations, enhancing the product's market entry.

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favorite feature

A notable project that Alex led was our "Day in the Life" employee spotlight series. This series was designed to enhance our company culture and attract top talent by showcasing the personal and professional lives of our employees. Alex’s ability to connect emotionally through video brought our company’s values to life, resulting in a 30% increase in our recruitment application rates.

“My goal is always to create something that not only looks visually stunning but also strengthens our connection with viewers, turning abstract concepts into experiences that are both tangible and moving”

— Alex Hermoso
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