Why Parmonic?

We built it for you – B2B marketers

We built Parmonic with you (marketers) in mind. We used our own personal experiences and interviews with hundreds of marketers before building the product.

We imagined it from scratch and made something that allows marketers to develop a new skillset and become masters of their craft.

We’ve made companies like you successful

From Fortune 1000 to mid-market, we are serving brands across five continents and verticals.

Working with diverse brands has allowed us to truly understand the needs of individual marketers, marketing executives as well as teams that have to collaborate with each other for success.

Unmatched technology that works

Since 2018 we’ve invested heavily in research, and as the first in this category we have built a platform of unmatched quality that works & delivers results.

While we have patents pending, we believe that customers deserve delightful & working products, not hype.

And our rich roadmap is dedicated to customers who want to keep improving their game because the best never rest.

Customer happiness and enterprise support

We may be a technology company but we are in the business of delivering happiness, and we invest ourselves in your success.

Unlimited, prompt support is there whenever you need it. While we have the best AI, we also have the best humans who care about you because the wise understand that technology has limitations.

Affordable, simple pricing model

Our technology has allowed us to change the game and deliver a quantum leap in value over alternatives.

Embrace munchable video. Elevate your game.

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